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In registering childminder's, the agency will ensure that application forms are completed including a declaration about whether the person has had any cautions, convictions or cases pending, or whether they have been involved in social services or are unable to work with children.
The registering childminder must undergo a health check and provide a Health declaration from his/her GP. The agency will also carry out a Local Authority check. The application form will include details on their previous employment history, whether they have lived outside the UK, whether they have been employed by the UK Army and if they are known to OFSTED.
We will also take copies of original photograph identification. We will interview all people applying to childmind within our agency to ensure that they have suitable experience and knowledge of EYFS, and then references will be obtained to check that they have good integrity and character.
The child-minders will then be required to enrol on our training course that enables them to have a full comprehensive understanding of child minding and the EYFS. They will have a robust premises check of the premises they will be delivering childcare and if there are any modifications needed the childminder will be given targets and timescales for them to be completed as part of the registration process.
Childminders will be required to complete a registration visit that will include providing satisfactory answers to suitable person’s interview and provide proof that they will have adequate insurance cover. Once these procedures have been satisfactorily completed the childminder will be issued with a certificate of registration to display within the premises that they are delivering childcare.