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Families looking for dependable childcare provider

​Are you  looking for reliable and safe childcare services provider?
Choosing someone to look after your child when you return to work or education is one of the most important decisions you can make.

There are a number of different childcare options and what you choose will depend on your needs as a family. However with all childcare settings, as a parent, you should feel actively engaged in your child's learning and development and the setting should show an interest in the family not just your child. Types of childcare Broadly, childcare settings can be split into home-based registered childminders and nannies, Mother's help, etc...

We source service providers who fit all types of briefs.

Someone with specialist skills, experience, qualified, Ofsted registered someone who is used to working for families. A home organizer who can run a house to the highest of standards. 

You may need live-in , a live out, or daily nanny a full time or part time service provider.

Skill sets may include: 
Childcare:; Cleaning; laundry; managing other staff; cooking; driving; pet care; running household errands etc...    Not all service providers fit every criteria, but we can cherry pick the right candidate for you.




Revised and with immediate effect for clients registering from 19/02/2015

The agency becomes payable in 7 days of a placement being confirmed verbally or in writing.
Returning Clients are given a loyalty discount “Recommend a Friend” – recommend a friend to us, if the friend confirms a placement and it’s all booked, then £25 will be given against your next booking for placement.
Payments are accepted by debit/credit card or online bank transfer

FEES: Supplements: The following will be added to the fees – £50 admin fee and £50 for a driver. £50 if the Au Pair is fluent in English.

Summer Au Pair  /Nannies                             £180.00
Up to and including 3 month placements       £200.00
Up to and including 5 month placements       £ 310.00 – 30 day replacement option in 1st month

For Nannies, Au Pair placements of 6 months or more, Mothers Helps, Housekeepers, Couples, Companion/Carers we offer the following fees with varying replacement guarantee options:


  • 6-9 month                                          £455.00                           

  • 10-12 month                                      £545.00                           

  • Au Pair couples ( 12 months)               £615.00                          

  • Mothers Helps (12 months )                £615.00                         

  • Companion/Carers  ( 12 months )       £615.00        

Refund Policy:0-2 weeks from the agreed commencement date 50% refund 2-4 weeks from the agreed commencement date 25% refund.  The refund policy will apply to families that choose to have a refund and not a replacement within the agreed replacement time.  Engagement of any applicant through our agency constitutes an acceptance of the following terms and conditions whether or not the Family application form has been signed by the host family.

Help Handz Ltd  acts as an Recruitment Agency for the introduction of Nannies Au Pairs, Mothers Helps, Housekeepers and carers and we warrant that all our introductions are based only on applicants that have been thoroughly vetted and carefully selected through application and interview processes. 

Help handz Ltd shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of, damage, expense, injury or inconvenience suffered by the family in offering or providing employment to the applicant. The applicant is at no time either directly/indirectly employed by Help Handz Ltd.   The agency’s Fees are due within immediately of the acceptance by a prospective host family of the Agency’s applicants. A verbal acceptance is binding and will give rise to a 100% cancellation charge after 7 working days.
You will warrant that the information that you provide at time of application is correct and that you will at all times behave in a responsible, reasonable and caring manner to the successful.

Help Handz ltd will always strive to ensure, but cannot guarantee the suitability of any Applicant introduced to the Client. The Client accepts that they alone are ultimately responsible for determining whether an Applicant is suitable for their needs as a family from their own selection.  

Help Handz  Ltd  will provide to the Family/Client, paperwork for the applicant they wish to confirm, including (but not limited to) application forms, police checks, medical reports and references. The Family/Client agrees that Help Handz cannot be held liable for inaccuracies or deficiencies in this paperwork and the Family/Client is ultimately responsible for satisfying themselves that the paperwork is sufficient and accurate at the time of placement confirmation.  You should also use your 1st month of the Applicant’s arrival to give them training and support and to make them feel welcome. A family handbook is available by request for you.  All Families must have a written routine ready for the applicants’ arrival so that he/she will understand what their duties will be. Nannies are entitled to paid holidays.  For Nanny Guidelines for holidays, please click on this link https://www.gov.uk/au-pairs-employment-law  for more info.

Should you require a driver, you must be prepared to allow for the applicant to have several professional driving lessons for them to become confident in driving in the UK. The applicant must also be added as a named driver on your car insurance policy & not be liable to pay any excess charges.  The Applicant shall be treated as a fully integrated member of the family and shall be given the opportunity to take part in every day family life.  The Applicant is not a qualified childminder but may have practical experience as detailed in his/her application form.  The Applicant will have his/her own private bedroom within the house.

Help Handz Ltd  will offer one replacement or refund on long term placements (6 months+) should the individual leave (within the chosen replacement time that you have agreed with us, from arrival) subject to the following:

  • The applicant fails to arrive

  • The applicant leaves of his/her own accord within 14 days

  • If the applicant proves to be unsuitable within the agreed replacement time from  arrival i.e. – has misrepresented themselves/their experience/ability in their application details or displays general misconduct.

  • Payment has been made within 7 working days.


The fees charged by our Agency are introduction fees and it is up to the family and the Applicant to make the arrangement work through good communications.  We cannot be blamed when an arrangement breaks down through communication as there are too many factors outside our control. If the Help Handz ltd A has to offer a replacement, then we will do so within a 4 week time scale for a non driver and 6 weeks for a driver. If, in the Agency’s opinion a suitable replacement has been offered and not taken on by the family, no refund will be payable. Should the Agency be of the opinion that it has been unable to offer a suitable replacement within this time as stated then a refund of fees will be available subject to a minimum deduction of registration fee.

NO REPLACEMENT OR REFUND will be provided if the following has taken place:

  • If the introduction fee has not been paid within 7 working days

  • On short term placements (less than 4 months)

  • If the applicant complains of abuse, mistreatment or misconduct by you, your family, or acquaintances

  • If you restrict access or, stop the applicant using any amenities that he/she is entitled to use or if you withhold any weekly money

  • If an applicant is asked to leave/ or they have been asked to do extra duties not stated in the application or not paid extra for.

  • If the applicant has not be given a proper routine and had the chance to get used to the routine.

  • If the applicant has not been given any professional driving lessons. ( only applicable for families that have a driver)You must also agree to give the applicant a minimum of 2 week’s notice as and when such a time arises that company has to end, and likewise the au pair/mother’s help carer/ housekeeper will also have to give a minimum  2 week’s notice to you as a family. When the applicant has lived with you for 30 or 90 days as per chosen agreement or more then the au pair/nanny will be regarded as satisfactory and we at Help Handz ltd  will  have fulfilled our obligations.  Any placement that you require outside of the agreed replacement time will incur the introduction fee .Help handz ltd  cannot guarantee that the au pair/nanny will stay for the required length of time. Help Handz will refund 50% of the introduction fee if you terminate the agreement with the au pair/nanny prior to his/her arrival subject to the Au Pair/Nanny having not booked any travel. If the au pair/nanny has arrived, or travel has been booked with evidence to demonstrate this then no fees will be refunded. Each placement involves a fixed cost for the agency which is why this policy is in place for the agency and for the applicant. 


Overdue payments.

If the introduction fee has still not been paid despite the arrival of the individual to the family, interest of 4% per calendar month backdated to the date the placement was confirmed, will be applied. After one month a final demand will be sent out for the amount payable. Failure to pay the amount stated within 5 working days of the receipt of the final demand will result in our putting the matter in the hands of an authorised debt collector.The Agency will provide a discount to repeat Families who come back to us for a new Applicant. The discount will be dependable on the placement term, nationality etc.

Hel handz ltd reserved the right to withdraw all discounts if payment of the Agency fee has not been received within the 7 day period.  Any advice given to families by post, verbally or electronically is given on the basis of the Au pair/ Nanny Industry’s guidelines that are regulated by BAPAA the British Au Pairs Agencies Association)


Overseas Placements: Temporary

Maternity Nurse: £100.00 for each week booked 
Nanny: £100.00 for each week booked 

Overseas Placements: Permanent
Nanny: 16% annual net salary.
Governess: 16% annual net weeks salary 

Corporate & Commercial Fees
12% of the annual gross salary 
12% of the gross salary outside of the EEC

Couples – United Kingdom and International
12% of Net Annual Salary for permanent staff or £85 per week per person or part thereof for temporary staff

All fees payable in full prior to commencement of candidate. Registration fee for non UK placements. All clients who come back to us will receive a 10% discount all fees

Nursery Staff Recruitment - Send us your Requirements

Find reliable nursery staff for your nursery or group setting, We specialise in the recruitment of nursery staff to chains of nurseries, independents, and local authority nurseries. Our network of childcare and nursery agency in Barking and Dagenham means you get a local nursery staff recruitment service, with local experience. Safety is paramount, so we guarantee that all Helphandz child carers undergo personal interviewing, and rigorous screening.  Whether you need dependable nursery supply staff in an emergency, or the best permanent staff, 
 Help handz can help.

For registered clients please complete the "Request Our Services" form to proceed. If you are new please register here to proceed. Call or use the Contact Us link if you need further assistance.​


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